Battery Vent Caps

SMJ is close to achieving the status of largest manufacturer and OEM Supplier of Battery Vent Cap (JK-Vent Cap) with offerings across the spectrum i.e. Automotive Battery Vent Cap, Industrial Battery Vent Cap, Stationery Battery Vent Cap, and Traction Battery Vent Cap. JK Vent Plug’s leadership position has been attained due to our core philosophy of Quality & Performance coupled with constant innovation. Breather Cap as the Battery Vent Plug is known in many parts of the world has gone through many such innovations over the years, resulting in development of Ceramic Vent Cap, Caps with Porous Plastic Filter, Cap with Ceramic Filter etc.

Apart from Battery Vent Cap, SMJ has an array of other Battery Accessories such as Flame Arrestor, Electrolyte Level Indicator (Water Level Indicator), End Caps, Battery Handle (Press Fit Battery Handle), and Plastic Handle with Rope among others. SMJ is working on the goal to attain the distinction of the largest Indian Manufacturer of Battery Accessories including Battery Caps.

Available Range : Automotive Battery Vent caps, Vent Caps for Flame Retardant Battery, Stationary Battery Vent Caps, Traction Battery Vent Caps, Flame Arresters For Batteries & Battery Accessories.