Floral Incense Sticks

Unlike many other products where human ingenuity has helped to create utility items, when it comes to fragrance nature is always the ultimate source of inspiration. There are so many natural ingredients that have become identified from time immemorial as being perfectly suitable for making incense sticks. Especially when it comes to perfume and fragrance, flowers are the finest for their variety is immense as is the range of smell they emanate.

Flowers not just look beautiful but exude a vast range of fragrance that creates a range of human emotions. Some floral perfume gives us freshness, some make us happy, and some soothe the mind and so on. Ever since man began to create the floral essence by the distillation process the fragrance has been used in various applications.  It is also true that in most cases it takes literally at ton of fresh flowers to create a few kilograms of pure essential fragrance oil. That means it was costly, and even then it was always in huge demand until humans learned a way to replicate them with chemical compounds.

Floral agarbattis or floral incense sticks are always highly sought-after because they can dramatically change the ambiance of a room. Different floral fragrances have varying levels of intensity and can be used for brightening up the ambiance of a room to drive away stale air. The Maayasdeep Floral range of incense sticks is available in has five exciting products to offer that bring to you the pure perfume of four most well known blooms.

There is the Rajnish which creates the heady perfume of the Rajnigandha flowers or the tube Rose, and then there is the Mogrargom which brings the delightful smell of Tiny White Mogra blooms which is a type of jasmine. The third is the globally favorite Fresh lavender perfumed product called Lavendulaa and the fourth being Juhii which again brings the rich fragrance of Juhii flowers so popular all over India. The fifth is called Night Queen which is the name given to a flower that blooms at night and has an exceptional smell.

At Maayasdeep, great pains are taken to procure the finest raw ingredients and the highest quality of fragrance to ensure complete product excellence. For those that love floral fragrances, our range will convince you that excellence is not a catchword we pursue but a philosophy we live by in our daily lives. Most of this floral range agarbatti is available in a variety of pack options that range from standard box packs, to pouch packs, Hexagonal packs and more. Light a pack of our floral range and be convinced that Mother Nature is beyond doubt the greatest inspiration to all of humankind.