Freshness Incense Sticks

Freshness is another remarkable incense stick category from the house of Maayasdeep that will delight your senses.  We are aware that certain perfume smells brings with it an extra dose of energy and seems to charge us with renewed freshness. We all know that on a hot summer month the smell of fresh lemonade lifts our spirits high and fills us with a burst of energy. A lot of research has gone into identifying perfume smell that has a positive impact on our minds. It’s much like using a charger for our Smartphone, that a fragrance provides a boost to our depleted mental batteries.

Whenever you feel down or when the atmosphere in a room feels negative, an agarbatti can help change the scenario almost instantaneously. In fact an agarbatti is known as one of the cheapest ways to improve the ambiance as well as improve the mental makeup of people. Our fragrance technicians spend a lot of time into identifying ingredients that combine to create a distinct atmosphere and improve the vibes of a room.

Another important reason why Maayasdeep has become such a favored name with customers is the use of absolutely best quality ingredients in making these variants. Our quest for products excellence is not just limited to the processing but the materials that go towards creating the products. This is followed by intense hard work in developing agarbatti perfumes that evoke a strong response. A gamut of these activities is typical of each new incense product that gets launched every now and then by us.

There are 6 scintillating products in this category that will surely bring you a smashing dose of freshness and elevate your mood. The brands in this category are Aarrif, BlackOn, Live Mogra, Morning Flower, Natural Champa and Sifarish. While some of them have a floral smell others are distinctly fancy fragrances but they are all aimed at making you fresh. Light any of these sticks and feel an intense burst of energy flowing through the atmosphere in any room of your choice.