Transit Caps

JK Ceraplast is one of the best brands in the market manufacturing a wide range of Battery Vent Caps and Battery Accessories. The Transit Battery caps manufactured by the company are highly popular with all levels of customers including top OEM suppliers. This product is very useful in transportation activity of batteries or when batteries are regularly shifted to and fro. An acid filled battery could end up with acid splashing around when a battery is being transported.  In such a case the spilled acid may affect other things around and spoil them and here a Transit Cap also called Dummy caps keeps acid from spilling out.

The JK Ceraplast Caps are of the highest quality and are made from the best available raw materials. They are of a tough construction and completely impervious to acids i.e. Acid Resistant and Anti Splash. They come with a bayonet mount making it very easy to apply and take off. This is usually required by Battery Manufacturing units, Solar Battery Banks and Power Battery Banks.