Masala Flora Incense Sticks

As most people know, India has one of the oldest traditions in the art of incense stick making and a documented historical record that validates it. Since ancient times the use of incense stick has been known to create a mental inwardness so essential for religious and spiritual rituals. The spiritual gurus of ancient times understood that the sense of smell enables a specific mental calm and helps attune towards an inner dimension.

In line with this thinking, certain specific natural ingredients were chosen as they produced a definite fragrance that facilitated this. From that arose a typical Indian style of agarbatti that is generally called the Flora batti or Flora incense stick. This product is typical to India and has been replicated elsewhere but with little success. The Flora Agarbatti remains a hall mark of the Indian agarbatti Industry and is one of the top products in demand globally.

The aroma it generates, the smoke, its ability to create a unique ambiance is simply unmistakable and no other variety can match it. The bulk of materials used in its manufacture are obtained from natural sources and the majority of it can only be found in India, hence it is so unique. Even the stick looks different because it contains a sawdust based bulk which makes it burn easily along with the natural aromatic compounds.

When burned, these sticks generate an amazing ambiance that fills the atmosphere with richness not available in most other varieties of incense sticks. It has a typical warm ambiance with royal overtones and seems to instantly soothe tired nerves and brings freshness to the frayed mind. The Maayasdeep Flora range has two beautiful products called Mandap and Ram Leela which have become a hit with customers all over.

Both these products correctly represent that Flora Agarbatti range and the fragrances for them have been painstakingly crafted by our master perfume tech team. We are sure everyone using them will love the special qualities of a flora agarbatti. This is a premium product and available in standard box pack of a dozen individual packs.