Under the capable leadership & Guidance of our Chairman Shri S.S.Jaiswal, the path to success was not a difficult one to reach. However every new organization comes to a situation when they need to choose the correct path to continued growth. It was a collective decision to make an entry into the FMCG segment to take ahead the momentum created by brand SMJ in the Battery Vent Cap segment.

The intention was to enter the FMCG segment so that our brand of excellence reaches all across the country and provides us healthy growth options. In this regard FMCG provides the perfect platform to reach a much wider platform that covers not just the country but allows for global trade as well. Three key areas where identified which were Micro Laser Welding, Incense sticks & Camphor tablets and Air Tight Plastic Containers.

Air Tight Plastic Containers were launched under the Ceraplast Brand, where as Micro Laser Welding was launched under the Renewed Brand Name. Further Incense Sticks and Camphor tablets were launched under the brand name Maayasdeep. MLW was a relatively unknown service segment in this part of the country. Availability of this allowed repair of various industrial Molds and Dies which resulted in savings for consumers. There was a demand in the market for good quality Air Tight Containers and the Ceraplast range would fulfill a part of that demand adequately.

For both Agarbatti and Camphor the market size was very large and introducing a high quality product ensured it was meant to be a success. In accordance with this thought, SMJ embarked on this line of action and by attaining success has proven that strategic choice has proven correct. Today all three lines of the FMCG segment are ensuring a good support to the overall company bottom-line with excellent market demands. Presently all three FMCG segment brands are making a mark for themselves individually with excellent support from customers all over.

However the widest reach for the FMCG segment does belong to Maayasdeep Incense Sticks & Camphor Tablets. This segment not only reaches far corners of the country but is also making its presence felt in overseas markets.