Industrial Battery Caps

JK Ceraplast today is not just a well known brand name but a market leader in battery vent caps & battery accessories. Considered one of the finest products in the market, the company is a favorite with many OEM suppliers and customer alike. Batteries are an important part of many modern Industrial units and these products help enhance their performance and makes maintenance easy. The most vital part of acid flooded batteries is maintaining the optimal level of fluid inside to get the best battery performance. These products are designed to make checking of battery Electrolyte a simple task and reduce frequent watering or watering wrongly.

There are a number of products made by us for the Industrial battery Segment such as Flooded 2V Battery Dome vent cap, Tubular battery Dome Vent Cap,  Sealed Float Guides, OPzS vent caps etc.

This range of product is popular for UPS units, Train Signal and Lighting, Electrical & Electronics industry, Power & Generation Industries etc.

Features Applications
1 .  Application Specific Design                  

2 . Eliminates the need of equalization

 3 . Extends battery life

 4 . Easy to handle 

 5 .Durable                                                                 

1 . UPS

2 . Train Signal & Lighting

3 . Electrical & Electronic Industries

4 . Power and generation Industries