Automotive Battery Vent Caps

With over a decade of experience, the brand JK Ceraplast today is perhaps the most in demand from all segments of customers. Achievement of a market leader status has come with being a steadfast follower of excellence in every aspect of operations. Today this is the most sought-after because of technical excellence and product superiority.

The high point of this range is that all these high quality Battery Vent Caps have built in PP Filter. It is because of this filter that they enable the special Anti Splash feature, so in demand. Anti splash means that should the battery get tilted, the Vent plug prevents an abrupt leakage. Eventually of course the micro porous filter of this splash proof cap will allow the liquid to flow out, but nevertheless at a very slow rate. This helps to protect the battery and other equipment, safe from the highly corrosive acidic content.

Further, this filter also prevents a rapid evaporation of the acid fumes which is important as this helps avert a fire hazard. This checking of the electrolyte liquid fume means far less watering and that saves on maintenance costs and increases Battery Life. They are all made from high grade polypropylene copolymer and that means rugged construction and long lasting product. 

Available Range : Coin Type Battery Vent Cap, Star Type Battery Cap, Butterfly Type Battery Vent Cap, Prototype Paddle Battery Cap, Sun Style Battery Vent Cap & Chimney Style Battery Vent Caps.  

Features Applications
1 . Reduced watering intervals

2 . Eliminates the need of equalization

3 . Extends battery life

4 . Easy to handle 

5 . Durable                                                                                                                                                      

1 . Battery Industries

2 . Automobile Industries

3 . Electrical & Electronic Industries

4 . Power and generation Industries

5 . Construction Purposes

6 . Refrigeration Industries