Camphor Tablets

Brand Name-MaayasDeep

The word Deep originates from the Sanskrit word Deepam which means light and the word Maayas goes to denote the depth of motherly love. Together they convey the “light of love” which here has a more somber and higher meaning, not pertaining to the mundane. When taken in a more religious frame people all over are in search of the light which guides them through the ocean of life and they always experience the love that emanates from it. People from all parts of the world and from all walks are always anxious to receive the blessings of a higher entity that will guide them in all aspects of life. People believe that it is the higher power that will save them from all evils and bring about a life of purity and prosperity.

For long in various cultures it is Fire that has been held sacred as a purifying agent and Maayasdeep we have introduced the godly element of purity with our Camphor tablets. For ages various parts of Asia has held the Camphor as an important part of daily worship and ritual. We at SMJ have tried to invoke this godly thing in us and all around through Maayasdeep Camphor, i.e. Camphor (Karpuram) at the purest best. The Camphor tablets allow the duality of effects of fire and fragrance to take hold simultaneously. Both these elements have a unique and radiating effect on our minds, especially when we seek to be in touch with the higher realm. While the heat from the fire cleanses at a physical level, it is the robust fragrance of Camphor that seems to do a similar job at a more spiritual level. Together these bring about a oneness and gets us in tune with our higher self.

Maayasdeep camphor is a product that has been created expressly for this pure purpose and we believe it will give you the mental purity you seek, by using it. Camphor in general has been known for a number of reasons such as it helps, clears thoughts, relieves stress, and gives you clarity of purpose and more. Light Maayasdeep Camphor and instantly feel the uniqueness of the product and its effect