Stationary Battery Vent Caps

Stationary Batteries are typically used in power generation stations, substations, Industrial complex, Train Signaling System, large commercial Facilities etc. The usual requirements of such batteries is to provide power to process and control various utilities as communication equipment, distribution units, process and data control, emergency equipments etc. unlike other types of batteries the Stationary battery as the name suggests is usually kept at one position and helps provide power for the various things talked about. These are mainly wet cell, flooded led acid batteries and hence need to be charged as per needs.

The vent ports provided in these batteries must have Battery Vent Caps to allow a level of breathability for the escape of acid fumes when charged. Further the acid fumes generated are considered highly inflammable and therefore the vent cap must be designed to provide protection from that. When such fumes come in contact with a spark a fire hazard could take place and hence battery cap design is important.

As a market leader in the segment, JK Ceraplast has been one of the top names in Battery Vent Plugs and Battery Accessories. We manufacture a large variety of highly reliable Stationary Battery Vent Plugs with design and technological excellence that meets the challenge of Battery Maintenance for such batteries. Products in our range include Big Float level Indicator, Small Float level Indicator, Crystal Type Indicator, Aquatrap Ceramic Vent cap and Din Type Electrolyte level Indicator. Each of these products is not just sturdy but has features that make their use a value for money purchase for customers.

Features Applications
1 .  Application Specific Design                  

2 . Eliminates the need of equalization

 3 . Extends battery life

 4 . Easy to handle 

 5 .Durable                                                                 

1 . UPS

2 . Train Signal & Lighting

3 . Electrical & Electronic Industries

4 . Power and generation Industries