Terminal Caps

As a market leader in the manufacture of a large range of Battery Vent Caps and Battery Accessories, our products are known for rugged toughness. JK Ceraplast has always been the top choice for all major OEM suppliers and general customers alike. As we all know that the power derived from an automobile battery depends on keeping the Terminals in perfect condition and clean. If terminal points are contaminated then it will affect the power supply and hence create problems.  When terminals are kept clean, it is able to work efficiently giving you a value for money service. To get efficient and reliable power output from your batteries, terminals must be kept free of impediments.

The various types of Terminal Caps made by JK Ceraplast provide useful protective cover in various operating situations to optimize battery usage. These are made to fit a large number of battery variants and help improve operator safety for the investment on them. These are commonly used in Solar Battery Banks, Power Generation Systems and Battery Manufacturing Units etc. Our range includes Big Terminal Caps, Small Terminal Caps, Tubular Battery Caps, Rubber Din Terminal Caps and Battery Post Guard etc.