Charging Cap

JK Ceraplast is an established name in the Industry today as a market leader in top quality Battery Vent Caps and Battery accessories.  Each of the products in the JK Ceraplast range are not just technically sound but made to provide excellent value for money to consumers.  In the present day scenario a battery calls for substantial expenditure and hence deriving full benefit for that investment is very important. One such product is the Battery Fume Arrestor whose primary task is to arrest fumes.

When charging or discharging, the chemical reaction inside an acid filled battery is continuously emitting acid fumes. These acid fumes are not only corrosive but can pose a fire hazard as they are often inflammable in nature. To protect the workforce and costly equipment around these batteries it is important to prevent and arrest these fumes from escaping into the atmosphere.

Battery Vent cap adaptors are another useful product that fits into almost all available batteries and allows various vent caps to be used. These act as a link between different vent caps and battery vents holes which may not have matching threads. Both these products ensure easy maintenance of battery units and increase the efficiency of the workforce.

All products that bear the JK Ceraplast markings are made from high grade raw materials and provide customers a full value for money experience. These are typically used in Battery Manufacturing units, Solar battery Banks, power battery Banks etc.