Rangbarse Rainbow Range

Coloured incense sticks are a great new trend that not only dazzle the eyes with bright coloured sticks but an equally dazzling array of fragrances. It is a well known fact that we are attracted towards colour in our daily life and the brighter shades gives us a dazzle. At Maayasdeep we have followed the market trends closely and have worked hard at introducing the Rang Barse range, which we say is the Rainbow range. There is a definite market need for such coloured sticks as people feel it is a nice departure from the standard dark coloured sticks.

This variation provides a feast for the eyes while the outstanding perfumes attract our senses creating a beautiful experience together. Some people also use these coloured sticks to put the power of colours to use along with the teachings of Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui. These are both popular beliefs in different parts of the world and are aimed at improving the luck of believers. While Vastu Shastra originated in India, Feng Shui is said to have started from ancient China.

Both these countries namely India & China are places where the incense sticks or the Agarbbatti is a part of everyday life.  In fact all across Asia and South East Asia, the incense stick is an item of everyday need. Some call it joss sticks, some the agarbatti, dhoop sticks, Dhoop kathi, Dhoop, Dhoop Batthi and many more names. It is popular because there is sufficient scientific evidence to prove that the incense sticks does have an effect on the human mind and can bring about a calm and composed feeling.

 To add to that there is now the colour sticks that give people a double benefit of looks and smell. The Rang Barse range from Maayasdeep one of the top incense manufacturers of eastern India is available in Pouch packs and contains about 100 gms that are very attractively priced. For people who could be termed as heavy users this is the perfect buy because it offers great value for money product range. Go ahead give this pretty coloured incense sticks a try and feel the magic it creates in the ambiance and enjoy the colorful new version of the good old incense.