Agarbatti (Incense Sticks)

With SMJ having established its range of JK Ceraplast products as a market leader in the field of Battery Vent Caps & Battery Accessories, it was time to move ahead. Having earned a niche position for the brand name it was time to take another step and reach another milestone. It was a firm belief that we could make the fragrance of our excellence reach further, and literally so. It was incense sticks that were chosen to spearhead the brand into the FMCG segment and the company launched Maayasdeep in July-Sept 2013.

There are states in India that represent certain products very strongly and Bengal was never known for doing that with incense. It was our intention to invest our hard work into getting recognition in this segment for the state. With a vibrant team of fragrance technicians we embarked upon creating Dhoop stick products that would endear itself to customers. India has a rich heritage and tradition for being a centre of Incense stick trade in the global arena. Using that as a knowledge leverage the technicians came up with a few exciting products. From that point in time our progress has been in leaps and bounds. Today the brand Maayasdeep has found amazing acceptance with customers and business associates alike.

In a short span of just two years plus and we have positioned over two dozen incense stick fragrances that has given brand Maayasdeep a unique identity. Each and every fragrance is a result of hard work by a team of dedicated fragrance engineers who worked tirelessly to produce something special for our consumers. Exciting floral fragrances to fancy, name it and we have a product just for that. It is not just fragrances for agarbattis but our getting hold of the best possible raw materials that has enabled us to capture the hearts of our customers. Every aspect of the product has been meticulously studied to ensure consumers have the best value for money products.

Our present product range includes incense sticks divided into 7 categories that caters to the mood and ambiance needs of people. These are Flora, Floral, Freshness, Kathak, Religious, Timeless and Herbal. For customers this is indeed a wide choice which will please them and allow them to create an atmosphere of their choice. We welcome everyone to try these products and experience for themselves the hard work we have put into brining this fantastic range. These is an assorted range with a lineup that is similar to Frankincense, Myrrh, Damar Battu, Halmaddi, Chypre and such other popular fragrances.