Herbal Incense Sticks

The demand for high quality herbal products in various segments has continually been on the rise. Almost everyone knows that products derived from a herbal source is safe for humans and has no bad effects compared to products with toxic artificial ingredients. Since ages herbs and plant derivatives has been a sure method for treating different diseases and continues to do so even now. In fact, there has been a revival in the use and trust on herbal-based products almost worldwide simply because it is considered the safest.

One such amazing plant is Citronella, which is a long grassy plant and is being used in various formats for quite a range of products. When it comes to the natural ability of keeping away flies, mosquitoes and insects, the power of Citronella has been tested for thousands of years. Mayaasdeep launches the Herbal range with TOHTOH insect repellent incense sticks in the local market. Most of the products in the market sold as mosquito repellant are known to contain chemical elements that are considered unsafe in the long run. In sharp contrast, these TOHTOH incense sticks are made from all natural herbal ingredients right down to the bamboo core that will in no way cause any problems even in prolonged use.

The marvelous part of these herbal incense sticks is that they repel not just mosquito & flies but many other insects as well and the fragrance from them is very pleasant to humans. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and in some places where these are also called garden Incense sticks for that purpose. Consumers in India can now feel the power of this wonder plant Citronella and a host of other herbal such as Neem, pyrethrum etc, in a cost effective manners.