Traction Battery Vent Caps

Having attained a leadership position in various kinds of Battery Vent caps category, JK Ceraplast products are in excellent demand from consumers. A wide range of battery vent caps are being made to be used for an equally wide application range. These are products that have a host of features that customers want for use in Battery Powered vehicles such as Tow cars, Trailer Motors, Golf carts and Forklift etc.

The range in the traction battery vent plugs is available in three primary sizes such as 47 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm. Owing to their cost effectiveness, superior high performance these Vent Plugs are also sought after in the International Markets and not just within India.

These are true value for money products for our consumers because they are very durable in construction and precisely crafted, engineered products. What gives them the flip top vent plugs an edge is the fact that they have Anti Splash Guard capabilities which helps to keep the Battery Exterior Dry and acid Free. It is this feature that allows for a fume free operation and ensures that practically no acid fume escapes and creates a polluted atmosphere around the application.

This ability of preventing the escape of acid fumes allows people around the application work in a safe environment. If the acid fumes did escape, then it would have spread its corrosiveness in the atmosphere around the application. The acid fumes not only affect the work force but can also adversely affect all costly equipments around the application. The feature not only creates safe working environment but protect costly equipments. The sum total of these features is that the product saves money in the long run and literally pays for itself.

Even when batteries are being charged, prior to delivery use of these caps can help prevents acid splash out and minimize all kinds of corrosion hazards.

Available Range : Flip Type Battery Vent Caps (With Big Basket, Medium Basket & Small Basket) 


  • Golf carts Cars
  • Forklift and Motive Power
  • Automobile industry
  • Electrical industry