We possess a fully equipped infrastructure with a shed of over 35000 sq ft. and a scope to further add 10000 sq. ft., an office space of1500 sq. ft (with 100% power backup) and are fully geared to take infrastructural challenges for present as well as future.

From manual press fit machines to fully automatic and programmable injection moulding machines ranging from 20 Ton to 250 Ton (14 Nos), we have an array of machines to finish the job appropriately.

To keep pace with the fully automatic machines, we have an array of semi and fully automatic moulds ranging from single cavity to as high as 24 cavities. Most of these moulds are equipped with features like auto de-gating, product ejection and core pulling; helping us increase per hour production rate and the aggregate capacity, significantly.

In addition to injection moulding machines we have at our disposal compress moulding machines (6 Nos) of 30 Ton to 100 Ton capacity. The machines (4 Nos) can churn out 20 mg to 500 gm camphor tablets to meet the demands of the industry.

Apart from production lines we have automated our assembly lines, significantly. Our packing machine can wrap camphor tablets without any manual intervention. Small but contributing significantly to our efficiencies are machines like carton strapper, sand sieve sifter, band sealers etc.

The latest addition to our unit is special purpose assembly machine that is capable of assembling the plastic components at our in house assembly lines. Apart from production and assembly facilities we have a fully equipped R&D division contributing significantly in our pursuit of our goals.

We have boarding/lodging facilities for workers and staffs, hygienically maintained toilets, a fully equipped and functional canteen facility where food is provided at subsidised rates, RO based drinking water filters etc.