We care for our earth and environment and maintain the survival and well being process of our dependents. It is the result of our concern towards the consumption of natural resources and its economical consequences. 

Benefits of our products on the environment

  • The vent caps we produce hinders emission of acid vapors into the   environment
  • The fume arresters from our production lines help reduce acid mist formation at the battery manufacturers plants
  • The anti-splash battery caps we produce help reduce distilled water consumption by reducing acid spills in moving batteries

 Measures we take to save the environment

  • Over 40% green cover out of total plant area, thus contributing towards green earth.
  • Rain Harvesting to reduce dependency on ground and/or municipal water.
  • Contributing towards cooler earth by way of using wind driven cooling fans.
  • Almost 100% recovery of inputs used, be it metal or plastic granule (except burning loss) – precious resources of earth used judiciously.
  • Extending lifespan of expensive tools, reducing machining costs, reducing energy needs and minimizing material loss; by using precision welding technology.
  • Extending lifespan of packing materials by using them for secondary purposes when their primary life is over.
  • Using 100% recyclable butter paper for packing camphor tabletes Enhancing Livelihoods.

Enhancing Livelihoods 

  • Creating over 1000 sustainable livelihoods directly and helping create 300 sustainable livelihoods indirectly.
  • Practicing production processes which use unskilled workforce, especially women workforce; to carry out non hazardous and easy marking and assembling functions; thereby adding to their self esteem and financial independence.
  • Supporting over 50 livelihoods with produce from the green cover.