Renewed-Laser Welding Services

First time in this part of the country, SMJ brings Renewed, world class Micro Laser Welding (MLW) technology at your doorsteps. MLW is a fast developing technology which finds application in different manufacturing industries. It is good for the precision welding of hard to reach and small areas. MLW provides endless possibilities and economical options for the tool room requirements. With this state-of-the-art joining technique, we are able to finish the production of tools and inserts quickly. Our expertise includes, but not limited to, mould and tool steel fusion; repair and maintenance of all types of mould, tool, and die; repair of ferrous P20, H13, STAVAX etc (all types of steels used in tool making) and non-ferrous materials such as Beryllium, Copper etc.

MLW offers precision welding of metal and alloys that are used in a wide range of Industrial Components and Tool and Die industry, including Die casting, Injection or Blow moulding, Extrusions, Press Tool, etc. Where MLW differs from conventional welding processes is precision and heat generation and dissipation to the adjoining areas of core application area; even in a rework correction on a new or prototype mould or any component.

Since MLW generates less heat than conventional welding processes, there is less distortion, which results in higher accuracy, better quality and permanency of the solution. MLW helps minimize surface oxidation by not letting blow holes at junctions of joining partners.

Our MLW offering comes as a bouquet of personalised & customised service at market competitive rates. We follow a methodology of effective and efficient co-ordination with our clients. We give utmost importance to our clients’ service and time requirements and design our services accordingly.                                                                                    

The welding is applicable for

  • Repair of cracks in cavities or core
  • Repair of Chip Off of a profile
  • Change(s) in profile
  • Hide cavity insert lines
  • Remove Dents
  • Seal Leakages
  • Closing, Repositioning or Redesigning of Gates
  • Texture Changes and/or Enhancements
  • Core or Sleeve Length correction
  • Angle Corrections