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Industrial Battery Caps

Backed with rich experience and knowledge, we are considered to be one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Battery vent caps. These caps are able to extend the life of various types of automotive batteries by reducing watering intervals and eliminating the need of equalization.

Available Range : Tubular Battery Dome Vent Caps, Flooded 2V Battery Dome Vent Caps, OPzS Vent Caps, Small Float - Sealed Float Guide & Sealed Float Guide.

                    Features                                           Applications                                    

    ·  ApplicationSpecific Design

    ·  Eliminatestheneedofequalization

    ·  Extends battery life

    ·  Easy to handle

    ·  Durable

·         UPS

·         Train Signal & Lighting

·         Electrical & Electronic Industries

·         Power and generation Industries