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Flame Arresters For Batteries

SMJ Venture has developed High Performance Cindered Porous material for Lead Acid Batteries. These Cindered porous battey flame arresters  are available in both ceramic and porous plastic polymer vents. The microporous porous body offers better resistance to the spillage of battery electrolyte, whilst it prevents any risk of ignition of flammable hydrogen gas which is liberated during normal use of these batteries. These Cindered Porous materials are engineered to be used in various types of Low Maintenance and Maintenance Free Lead Acid Batteries like the one s used in Starting and Electric vehicles, Reserve power supplies, Marine, Defence and Military Vehicle applications where reliability is a must.

Available Range : Battery Vent Flame Arrestors & Ceramic Battery Flame Arrestors


The microporous structure of Cindered Porous body has these following properties:

It acts as a Flame Arrestor by restricting the path of flame inside the battery which can cause probable explosion of the battery

It Filtrates the foreign air borne particles inside the battery and at the same time checks the loss of battery electrolyte

It helps to reduce the build up of explosive gases inside the battery by providing Vent to the gases

The filter are available in both Hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature as per application requirements


·         Electrical Industry

·         Refrigeration Industry

·         Automobile Industry

                        ·        Power and generation Industries